If your feeling the mid-week blues, look hard at this picture and start planning that much needed trip! :)

Here we go, one I can sink my teeth into!

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Post-Modernized Concession

And billions of people scream emphatically, whats next?

We already know about the sequester, we already know about Jesus, and we’ve already been to the moon and back or at least seen the pictures. What we have not noticed however, is how incredibly enfatuated with ourselves we have become. The misnomer that wrestles between trillions of dollars of debt and a nation that toasts the rights to some of the best weed this side of the equator. Are you getting the picture? We are
confused about our identity and know one cares enough to discuss it.

There is such a trojan horse effect in America that tells us to beat the man. Dig a hole and show the powers at be that you can wager one life for another without mentioning your own agenda. Again, we have lost focus.

Stop eating so much! Mentally as well as literally. We have one of the best foundation engines in the world. Its about time we used it. Let’s realize our worth, quantify our efforts, and create a new system built around our work and not our worth.

P.S. Give a little, Amen

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Happy Presidents Day


Prsident Obama, State of the Union, Washington DC

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Jewel’s Top 5 Things To Do Alone On Valentine’s Day

Write a list of sweet nothings to yourself and line the wall with romantic encounters of self-revelation…

You are not alone! Scourge your wall for others who share your sentiment of solitude. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but two negatives certainly equal a positive!

Kill the couch potato and hit the elliptical whether you are at home or at the gym.

Read a scripture and reconnect with your inner man. “And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever—John 14:16

The thought of ex’s permeate your mind with every passing promotion. Kick butt by being “the anti-cupid.” Distance is not always such a bad thing.

*With Love,


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Holographic Jesus


Their is a snag in the line. Or at some point the wires crossed and created a break in the chain of communication. We the people have lost sight of our dreams in order to form a more perfect union. I give up. What I found was a flip in the imperialist principle of order. One that dated back centuries ago and landed far away, somewhere along the coast of the Nile River. The Christian Church has searched for a Joshua generation. But the root of the faith has been repronounced. Let us seek new purposes of accountability. Limit vague responses and search out ways to lend the matchless love of Jesus that we have come to know as the children of God. His remnant cross was posted behind the pulpit but has his memory long-since faded away due to dynastic pressure? Before their can be a Joshua there must be a Moses. We must never forget.

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Fears Fire: A Ravens Last Stand

http://rollingout.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/ray_lewis1-e1327526722955.jpgRay Ray Lewis is what Grandmama Jewel calls him. Who could write a better ending to a hall of fame career. As if it were any shadow of a doubt. It may have been magic when the lights turned off but who’s to say. The Ravens ran away with the game in some cajun kids apartment surrounded vodoo dolls with miniature helmets attached to their heads. Or could it have been a prayer sent by an angel with a kid from the wires good hope… or maybe thats just what talent is?

In the words of Ray Lewis, ” I prepare so no one can take what is mine, no one can replace my mind, my heart.”   -Ray Lewis

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